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  • Yes men! Because besides looking for differences it is particularly looking for similarities.
  • Future, here we are! Because besides a good feeling during the workshops, the children will learn how to deal with challenges in their future in a creative way.
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained: Because the children and young adults get the possibility to get involved into an artistic process witin a protected environment with professional guidance. They will be able to use dance, music and theatre as an artistic platform for their personal development and deal with questions of happiness.
  • Talk! The Theatre Experience School and the final festival provoke and support a dialog. Here is space for intercultural exchange and the development of new encounters between professionals and the creative ideas of the children.
  • Long live the theatre! Because artistic pieces will be created that have the possibility to transport a message that provokes a new discussion of the comprehension of happiness.
  • Think positive! Instead of focusing on the negative as in daily news this project focuses on the positive. Maybe there is more beauty as we think?
  • You live and learn! The African theatre work will may give new inspiration for my work as facilitator for theatre for children, adults, refugees, disabled people and other inspiring groups in Germany.

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