About the goals and target group


Target group:

Because of the bad social and economic conditions, only 50 percent of the children in Livingstone recieve education. Moreover, many of the children lost one or both parents due to the high HIV/ aids-rate. Therefore, they have to disclaim on parental care, live in children homes or on the street. In many cases the distress of the children drives them into criminal activities, drug abuse and early pregnancy.

The Smile Project addresses unprivileged and orphaned children and young adults without familiar support, who want to join an African art-winter with us.


  • Expansion of the children’s horizon, so they can discover new interests and skills and get new perspectives for their own future.
  • Strengthening of the childrens self-confidence.
  • Seek and find new encounters of European and African culture regarding not only aspects of society, but also artistic methods.
  • Development of artistic pieces in dance, music and theatre which will be presented in the final Smile Festival. Subsequently, they will serve as a base for a dialogue with the public and can be shown in new contexts.